Tomaž Berčič, photographer and graphic designer, born in Ljubljana 1968. He became interested in photography in his early years, whilst still in in primary school.

He finished High school for design and photography as a graphic designer, but photography was  still his passion and his own way to express himself. His occupation as a graphic designer helps him in developing a blend of photography and design in very unique style.

Black and white  portraits of ordinary people on the streets were his first step in expresing  himself. Mostly present pictures of older people who live on the edge of society. Each portrait has it’s own charachter and unknown destiny.

But there is also his vision of apocallyptic times, in whic we live today, full of material goods, where items have their own lives in way we using them. photographies present them in all of their simplicity with powerfull messages which are visible to everyone’s eye. Everything has its opposite side - nature with soft and gentle lines compared to man made products - hard, cold and without personality. Their usability is the only thing that has given those item their story And in some way, even personality.